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Northern Webinar Series

Sharing Experiences and Knowledge about Indigenous Languages Part-1

In this two-part series our panelists will be speaking in-depth about the programs and resources used to help preserve and nurture the Indigenous Languages within their communities. The panelists are going to share with the audience the tools and practices they learned through activities that work for them in their journey to preserving languages and creating speakers.  Hosting a webinar in this sector and of this nature is important to spread the information that has been learnt from others to connect our audience with other regions to share valuable lessons and learn from their experiences of reclaiming or sustaining their languages, culture and traditions. Our featured panelists are Donita Slawson, Kari Shaginoff, Hatti Keller and Arctic Indigenous Fund Advisor, Dewey Hoffman as our facilitator. 

Considering Indigenous Led Observation/ Monitoring Networks

Community-based observer networks have made significant advancement in the last two decades in the global north. These networks have been launched for a number of reasons: from the response to ecosystem-level shifts driven by rapid climate change to land use planning activities. They can be based on western science (i.e., citizen science), Indigenous knowledge, or through a co-production of knowledge approach that equitably brings together both knowledge systems.  With academia and agencies beginning to recognize the value of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives, more of these networks in Alaska, Canada and Greenland are looking to find ways to transition to monitoring efforts in partnership with, or led by Indigenous peoples of the North. Featured speakers are Elizabeth Liske, Raychelle Daniel, Peter Pulsifer and the facilitator, Heather McGray.

Marine Conservation Opportunities in Chukotka and the Russian Arctic

Join David Gordon, Eduard Zdor, Mary Turnipseed and Barbara Lanciers to learn about marine conservation opportunities in Chukotka, just across the Bering Strait from Alaska, and in the Russian Arctic. During this webinar, participants will learn about ecological connectivity between Russia and Alaska, threats to marine biodiversity, and strategies to engage with Russia to foster marine conservation.

Philanthropic Funding in the North: 101

Learn more about philanthropic funding in the North from our AFC Co-Chairs, Anne Henshaw and Stephen Ellis, and AFC Members Jaune Evans and Sonja Swift on Part 2 of our Northern Webinar Series.

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Community-Led Conservation: Using Indigenous Knowledge, Science & Technology to Support Environmental Stewardship

Watch the 1st of our Northern Webinar Series – Community-Led Conservation: Using Indigenous Knowledge, Science & Technology to Support Environmental Stewardship.


AFC Co-Chair, Dr. Anne Henshaw from the Oak Foundation, hosts a one-hour discussion with three Northern experts: Carolina Behe – Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska, Mike Jaypoody – Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre, and Dahti Tsetso – Dehcho First Nations to learn how Indigenous communities are using science, modern technology, and Indigenous Knowledge to empower Northerners and to develop integrative knowledge data-bases, influence policy, and respond to environmental change with culturally-based stewardship programs.

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