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Indigenous people are the original philanthropists and have been giving since time immemorial. The AFC is evolving and deepening their relationship to the Arctic, they want to continue to give good and meaningful grants and to help guide that work the Cultural Advisor role was created. The Cultural Advisors role filled by Arctic Indigenous People who will provide knowledge and bring forth a different worldview through culture, tradition, language and spirituality - weaving Settler Philanthropic beliefs and values with an Indigenous one. 


The goal is to have at least four or five AFC Cultural Advisors from across the Arctic. Be sure to visit our website again as we continue to recruit more Arctic Indigenous people to join our AFC team!

Meet The Team


Aviâja Egede Lynge


Aviâja Egede Lynge is an Inuit woman from Greenland. Aviâja is the 4th generation of an Inuit family that is working for the strengthening and empowerment of Inuit Rights. 

In 2015, Aviâja was elected as National Defender (Spokesperson) for Children’s Rights in Greenland currently leads MIO – The National Institution for Children’s Rights. 

Her work and activism are focused on Inuit indigenous peoples rights promotion, specifically those related to children and equity in access to education. Aviâja has developed training modules that capacitate teachers on decolonization, culture, identity, indigenous peoples rights and intercultural learning issues and has been the Head of the Department of Higher Education at University of Greenland. Aviâja is known as an Inuk woman who speaks for the well-being and the delevlopment of INUIT and other Indigenous Peoples.  In 2015 she attended the Human Rights Defenders Program of Columbia University. Aviâja has a degree in Social Anthropology from the Edinburgh University and currently leads MIO – The National Institution for Children’s Rights. Aviâja is a boardmember of FIMI (Forum for Indigenous Women), Boardmember of Grenland Human Rights Council and Board of Trustees Inuit Circumpolar Council Greenland.

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