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4902 49th Street - 3rd Floor

P.O. Box 2392

Yellowknife, NT X1A2P1

Supporting more effective and responsible grant-making across the Arctic

Arctic Indigenous Fund

The Arctic Indigenous Fund is a new fund being led by young Indigenous leaders from across the Arctic. It is a unique opportunity to decide how philanthropic funding should be distributed in ways that better support the needs of Northern communities and align with existing Indigenous-led efforts and leadership shaping the future of the North. 

Our Purpose

Indigenous-led philanthropy in the Arctic that is rooted in Indigenous cultures, traditions, and self-identified goals for the future.

our Vision

Thriving Indigenous communities in the Arctic.

Our values

The values that will inform the way we work include:

  • Acknowledge our communities make decisions for themselves on their own terms;

  • Help one another, because we are strong together;

  • Embrace the healing power of lands and waters;

  • Treat each other and our partners with respect, patience, and kindness;

  • Carry out our responsibilities in a manner that is flexible, knowledgeable, transparent, accountable, and inclusive; and

  • Contribute to the strength of our communities, while maintaining a spirit of humility, humour, and generosity.

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